New & Events

I, Terry L Newbegin, author and channeler of New Energy Consciousness, and Nancy Salminen, also a channeler in her own right, will be hosting a seminar at the home of Nancy’ home, 23 Leaf Lane, Surry, Maine, September 11 – 14th, 2017. Nancy and I will be doing a three-day seminar on understanding “compassion” and how it affects your life. The event will take place from 7:00 to 9 PM on September 11, 12 and the 14th. Nancy and I will also do private channelings during my stay in Maine. There is no cost for the event and for the private channelings. I work with a group of eight Ascended Masters from the other side of the veil, including Yeshua/Jesus, teaching us how we all have fallen into a state of hypnosis because of our beliefs. “Real life comes to you when the conditioned self is overcome.”

From the human side of our soul’s wisdom is memory because of our experiences in life. This is how we grow and expand in consciousness. As we commit to memory all that we do as positive and negative the mind records those experiences through our emotions in order to believe and feel what we are experiencing are in fact our truths as we understand them. Because of our emotions, the mind will always default to its memory of things with great biasness and judgment. Therefore, what we understand as “compassion” will always be based on one’s emotional ties to what one believes as their truths, leaving out the real meaning behind the “word.” Our mind is conditioned to believe and think that our truths are nothing but the truth, that there is no in-between. The mind believes that it must fight as hard as it can to uphold its memory of how things really happened, that it must be recognized as a force in order to be authentic, including how one forgives.

Contact Nancy for details at 207-266-4400 and reserve your spot, both for the evening events and the private channeling. Do not miss out on the Soul’s Characterization of  “compassion,” for it could change your life. Know that it is one’s soul that is responsible for one’s Enlightenment. See you there!