Terry L Newbegin

I am a successful entrepreneur and have been for over 35 years. I am also a Channeller of New Energy Consciousness and I work with a group of well known Ascended Masters and Archangels, such as Jesus, Melchezidek, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael in authoring books like:

Genesis: Your Journey Home –  A groundbreaking book that goes far beyond the usual levels of biblical interpretations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand. It bypasses word definition, root studies, historical explanations, and the ideas taught by religion that are difficult to understand but are important. This book examines the first twenty-five chapters, verse by verse, exploring and revealing the deeper metaphysical (beyond the literal) meaning of the text written.

Most people know that there are multiple levels of truth contained within the Bible, but until now none have brought forth the ultimate “truth” hidden within the mundane, semi-historical writings. Rather than creating new doctrines, this book gently peels back ALL levels of dogmatic views to reveal the true core essence of God, humanity, and the nature of reality. Deep within the ancient biblical text is found the true story (record) of creation, the reason for our very existence, and the history of All That IS.

This book is for those that are searching for authenticity, purpose, and a sense that truth lies somewhere beyond religious teachings but who are reluctant to discard the inherent value of scripture. This book brings comfort, personal empowerment, a new understanding of God, and fosters in a renewed sense of responsibility for life. It is a book whose time has come at last, as it brings humanity to a deeper understanding of God and a realization of their ultimate purpose.

The Book of Revelation: A New Beginning contains the hidden secrets of Saint John’s Revelations, and it is one of the most debated and most difficult books of all the scriptures to read and understand because of the extreme symbolism tied to it. We have always assumed the words of God’s prophets and their stories were indisputable just because of one’s eminence in interpreting them as being true. Man has forgotten the history of himself, Earth, the real God, the origin of the universe, and how the scriptures have been documented, interpreted, and strictly passed down by our ancestors and religious leaders.

As symbolic as the book of Revelation is it has nothing to do with the end days nor is it about Jesus coming to save you. In truth, the Book of Revelation is your own guide showing you that you no longer need to look at yourself as a sinner because you have bared your cross, and like Jesus, now the time has come for you to ascend to a higher state of Mind. This book is the book that will open the gates of your Soul memories, informing you, that you are a divine being and a God also.

Unlocking the Consciousness of Your Soul is about my experiences in life and how those experiences introduced me to the wisdom of my very soul. It is a story about where I truly began as a child of God, who I thought I was because of where I was born, and how I became enlightened to the most profound kept secrets that were ever devised in the history of mankind. It is a story that unravels the mystery behind your suffering. Without realizing it, your soul has been hiding from you for many lifetimes, and by choosing to open up your heart and put aside your dogmatic beliefs for a while, your soul will reveal to you all the whys of you choosing the route of sin, physicality, earth, brainwashing, forgetfulness, and suffering as the means to remember who you are.

If you are looking for clarity in life and how to overcome distress, grief, anger, and the pain you are feeling right now, then it becomes very important to understand who you truly are, where you truly come from, how miracles are created, and why you do the things you do. It is a story that touches on the human struggles of life and how to overcome them just by learning to connect to the wisdom of your soul.

The story takes you all the way back to the first creation, known as the Garden of Eden, and how it relates to your evolution through time and space. When you live and make decisions from the mind of reason, from others long established interpretations of God’s written words, and from what the experts assert what is best for you, your soul cannot bring forth the wisdom that you hold deep within your consciousness. Thus, you become more and more susceptible to turbulent experiences.

The Fall of The Church is a book that describes how there has been a “dark soul group” that has taken over all aspects of the Church, including our Holy Books, our politicians, our media, and our governments throughout the world. What is known in our Holy Books as truth has been rewritten many times, and going back as far as Moses. These dark minded entities throughout history have led us all down a road of sin, death, power, control, and slavery, taking away our freedom as a God in our own right. This book will reveal this truth.

When I graduated from high school I took with me what the experts said about the mind, hope, and prayer being the recipe in receiving my life’s dreams. I read positive books, studied the Bible, and according to the movie, “the Secret,” I even learned to visualize what I wanted to accomplish in life. However, to my surprise none of it worked. In my study of self I found it was not about any of these things. It was about “Consciousness” and how I became hypnotized by those that claim the “mind of reason” is were the answers to my life’s dreams come from. All of it, false!

To step into the consciousness of “mastering your own life” is to understand who you truly are, where you truly come from, and then realize that you gave up your “free will” a long time ago because without realizing it you have tied it to your family, to your friends, to the Church, to the government, and to your intellect. Just know that the “system” knows how you believe and think which is why you feel that your life needs fixing.

However, the first step in “fixing your life” is to allow and let go of the old way of using the mind, hope, and prayer as the means to fix it. There is a better way to achieve absolute health, abundance, and joy without using the mind, hope, and prayer. To accomplish this it becomes very important to understand WHO you truly are, WHERE you truly come from, and HOW your consciousness participates in what you receive in life.

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