A Lifelike Experience

I would like to tell you about a “lifelike experience” that felt so real, to this day I believe what I experienced was indeed real. It happened early one morning, I found myself standing on a shoreline next to a large area of water that seemed endless. From what I was witnessing, I knew that I was not on Earth; when I looked up at the sun, I noticed the size was at least a thousand times larger than the Earth’s sun. Not only that, I could actually feel this sun, the blue sky, and the atmosphere having a more pleasing disposition than the Earth’s blue sky, atmosphere, and sun.

Standing there, I gazed at this very large sun. I felt the warmth and immense love emanating from each beam of light radiating down upon me. Such love, that when I stared right into it, I did not have to turn away in fear of it hurting my eyes or that it would burn my skin like Earth’s sun. From what I was feeling, I knew that I was experiencing a different dimension than that of Earth, which is why I speak of it as a “lifelike experience” and not a dream. To me, I was truly present in this dimension.

After viewing, experiencing, and feeling this enormous sun beaming radiant light down upon me, I then noticed the awesome landscape surrounding me. It was beautiful! Actually, it was breathtaking, which is why I may have a difficult time explaining to you all I saw and experienced. What I felt and witnessed in that dimension compares to nothing on this Earth. However, I will do my best to find the earthly words to describe it.

Standing on this shoreline, my focus fell upon what appeared as endless water. As I gazed across this endless water, I could feel my connection with it as if I were part of every drop that made up this water. Becoming aware of this intense connection with this massive water, I instantly became aware of the air that I was breathing. The air felt so alive. I took deep breaths of the air. This caused me to become extremely aware to my consciousness which then made me aware of my existence as if I was unaware of them before. The experience made me feel so vibrantly alive like I was someone special!

I felt exceptionally unique, powerful, and very aware of how much I was in control of what I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing. I even remember that was becoming more and more aware of my existence and uniqueness with each breath I took. I truly felt the consciousness of the air and the consciousness of the water; they confirmed to me that they too were alive, active, and part of me as I was with them. The deeper breaths I took, the more I sensed my individuality, my uniqueness, and how powerful and Christ-like I was. The results of this feeling: I could formulate within me whatever desire I wanted to create, manifest, and experience. It felt magical! It was magical!

Feeling this, I then began to experience some kind of intelligence stirring within causing me to ask myself: “Who am I?” As this question hovered within me, I continued breathing in this irresistible large sun, what seemed to be endless water, this very active and vibrant air, and when I did; I felt my existence, uniqueness, and the intelligence to create whatever my heart desired with each in-and-out breath I took.

Standing next to the shoreline, absorbing all that I was experiencing, I now noticed that there were about five to six other people standing not too far from me doing the same thing that I was doing. As they stood there, I was prompted to walk toward them to introduce myself. But, as I moved toward them, stepping on the rocks and the ground, I noticed with each step, I was amazed to feel the consciousness of the rocks and ground beneath my feet.

Not only this, I began to experience frequency sounding type vibrating waves of pure perfection moving up and down my body, whispering to every cell in my body that I too am perfect, pure, eternal, and that I exist as a Christ also. This was astounding, odd, magnificent and yet, eludes simple explanation. I had a knowingness that I am a self-governing Being; I had the authority to create whatever I pleased as long as I did not interfere with the others standing on the shoreline with me.

Right after this perceptive phenomenon while walking towards the others standing on the shore line, it simultaneously felt as if we all were new to this mind-boggling place that we found ourselves in. Wherever this dimension was, I know if you had seen and experienced what I had seen and experienced, many of you would conclude that I was visiting heaven. However, no matter what you surmise, I just knew it was not heaven as you suppose heaven to be. It was more than that! It was an awareness and a knowingness so deep within my Beingness; I clearly knew that I was a self-ruling Christ-like individual, free from any caught-up belief that some higher being created me. It felt as if I was my own creator!

All that I know, I was experiencing more than what seemed as consciousness; I felt my existence on a scale of: “I always existed and I will exist forever.” I felt intensely alive, eternal, absolute, powerful, and incredibly pure and Christ like in spite of everything that I, as a human, was ever taught by the Church when it came to them describing heaven, Christ, and that someone created me.

I felt life in everything: the vast sun, the disposition of the blue sky, the air I breathed, the endless water, the ground and rocks beneath my feet. I even felt the consciousness of those that were standing on the shore line next to me. Yes, that felt odd, too! Then from out of the blue, I clearly heard a tone-like sound coming from the vast sun, the blue sky, the air I breathed, the water, and the ground and rocks that I stood upon. All of these elements resonated in a type of sound code telling me: that they were there to serve me, “for they are part of me as much as I am part of them,” the difference me being a creator.

What I heard and felt, I knew that it was not coming from a separate male white God outside of me or from some heaven as the Church would have us believe. In fact, this experience, the feelings and all I saw answered the question: “Who created me?” I felt free from any judgment no matter what I decided to create, good, bad or indifferent. It was as if it made no difference what I chose to experience as long as I am experiencing something. Because of this feeling of “no judgment,” I felt a strong pull to walk toward the endless water. So, I did!

Once I was by the water’s edge, I noticed that the others that had been standing next to me never moved. Then I felt, as I knew the others did too, the spirit of the water inviting us all to enter. The water’s spirit beckoned us, inviting us to enter. However, I noticed that we all stood unmoving; due to feeling some type of fear. Nevertheless, even though I felt fear bubbling up within me, I entered the water anyway. Stepping in, I walked along the bottom until the water reached my neckline. That is when I presumed that the others, who were standing next to me, did the same.

But, as I turned myself in the water and looked back toward the others. To my surprise, they were still on the shoreline; it seemed they were frozen in their tracks. As I stood there, water up to my neck feeling some fear, I asked myself why the others did not enter the water as I had done. As fast as this question formed in my mind, I noticed that my whole body from my neck down to my feet was gone as if I was “one” with the water. And yet, I could feel my existence, my individuality, my mind, my body, and my consciousness.

I hesitate to describe how this water felt. I have nothing to compare it to; there is nothing on this Earth that I know that matches the sensation and awesomeness that I was feeling and experiencing in that heavenly water. Truly, there is nothing matter-wise, language-wise, mental-wise, or intellectually speaking that can illustrate what this water and I felt like. The water made me feel individualized even though I was one with it; it made me feel complete, awesome, protected, and very powerful but with an undefined power unlike what power is on earth.

I felt like I could do anything, create anything, and be anything no matter what it was! My consciousness moved toward the idea that I can be anything I chose: a tree, an insect, a planet, a star, a pond of water, and yes, even a human (male, female, black, white, brown, yellow, red, rich or poor and even good or bad). It made no difference what form I wish to experience. That is how powerful and absolute I felt, as I was one with the water.

Even though I felt slight fear about entering the water at first, my fear vanished from my consciousness once I felt the water as part of me and I being part of it. Feeling all fear depart triggered me to lift my right arm out of the water. And when I raised my arm from the water not only was my arm attached to me, it was completely dry. This intrigued me to place my arm back into the water. When I placed my arm under water, it disappeared once more as it again became one with the water.

I then made a conscious decision to completely go under water, to submerge my head along with the rest of my body. What I felt was beyond profound; I became totally one with the water, as in knowing and feeling its spirit, and yet I could still feel my existence as an individual. If someone was standing there watching, like those I saw on the shoreline, they would only see water. But I can assure you, I was there. I was purely part of the water and when I lifted my head out of the water, “I EXISTED” as I existed when I was under the water.

It felt peculiar and yet glorious to the utmost degree; as if I had no mind, head, arms, legs, or any physical parts. All that I felt was just pure consciousness. I was connected to everything and all things and yet individualized! Again, it was marvelous yet challenging to describe! Linking with the water’s consciousness and my own consciousness, it felt as if I could move mountains with just the blink of an eye or with a single expression.

Words seem insufficient to relay this grand event. I felt utterly free, unique, sovereign, and entirely powerful as if I was God. In fact, I felt like a God, so I must be a God, or this was the message. “That I am God!”

While in the water, I noticed that I had no size, depth, or weight to me. It was, without doubt, me, but without a mind or a physical body, acting and manifesting what I was feeling and experiencing only from a consciousness level. I felt nothing but supreme knowingness that I, too, was a God in my own right. I could feel my creativity, my spirit hugging me, being very Christ-like, and powerful/potent. I seemed limitless, having boundless pure white light energy to serve me in any way I pleased. In fact, everything that I was experiencing in this life-like experience had no complexity. It was as if I was just pure consciousness, no form whatsoever.

What I was seeing, feeling, and experiencing allowed me to open my consciousness to other potentials. When I allowed those possibilities, I saw the real God and it was me! Talk about an eye opener! Discovering that the real God is, in fact, myself and not what the Church proclaims God to be. If you believe that Jesus is indeed Christ-like and powerful, then imagine yourself as Christ-like and powerful, too, because you are.

My dear friends, through my awareness and existence, I felt my Christ-like consciousness yielding to how multidimensional I am. Somehow, I knew that I was beyond time, space, and my physical being. How did I know this? It was because from my mental level I could feel my beliefs and my thoughts about death, good and bad, right and wrong, and how predictable my thoughts were – tied to my emotional beliefs.

When I focused from out of my spirit consciousness I realized there was no such thing as death, good and bad or right and wrong; I observed my consciousness as only pure white light. Yet, when my focus was moved through my mental consciousness, all I could feel and see was energy that appeared tainted because of emotions, belief in death, good and bad, right and wrong. It felt peculiar and yet so brilliant and majestic!

I learned that my mental consciousness was not of pure consciousness or pure energy like my Christ-like consciousness; it seemed to have this opposing emotional force built into it. This revelation was phenomenal, as the distinction was exposed to me. I consciously knew how influential and prominent I was, and how I could use this pure white energy to serve me. Without question, I recognized my mental thoughts of good and bad and who created me were tainted, and through pure consciousness and my I AM Existence, no one created me, but myself.

There was no doubt that I was the creator of myself and whatever I chose to manifest and experience. It is a feeling that challenges how we all direct our minds in what we believe to be truth. For example, positive and negative, good and bad, right and wrong, – how our rational thoughts and emotions seem to prevail in our decision making as truth; and yet, it is all merely an illusion existing only by believing in it. This is why today I feel intuitively that every individual has to grow into this awareness on their own about who created them so they could know and understand what I experienced.

No one can bring you through what I experienced but you: not God, Jesus, a Church, Allah, or even the highest of angels in heaven. For Example: The consciousness of those that were standing on the shoreline with me did not know what I went through and experienced all because they chose not to step into the water. This also goes for those that are afraid to move past their own mind and beliefs in this now moment in time.

Another amazing facet about this experience is that I could feel life in everything, not only what was part of the universe but what was beyond it as well, including all those other lifetimes I created being reflected back to me in the way of my held emotions and beliefs. It had nothing to do with whether I believed or disbelieved in God or seeing Jesus as my savior or what Church to follow or what I lacked or had in life, but how conscious and aware I was to all that is, to all those parts and pieces of me that were scattered everywhere for I knew I was their creator.

With that knowingness, understanding, and the feeling of being connected to “all that is,” and a knowing that I am the creator of all “parts and pieces” of me, and what I was experiencing, I could feel the water’s sustaining power trigger within me, telling me that I have all the attributes of the water, the enormous sun, the air I breathed, and the ground and rocks that I walked on. Meaning that I, as well as you, am connected to everything, nothing is left out.

I was in a state of consciousness where I could feel my beingness and my core state of existence (consciousness) as purely Christ-like, that I too, have the authority and power of a God; somehow, I knew I was equal to and not less than. I felt and knew I could create any type of body: sick, healthy, or even treasures to experience. I felt such unconditional uniqueness and authority within me without judgment coming from it or anyone no matter what I created.

This is when I felt the power of the vast sun, the blue sky, the air, the ground, the rocks, and the water hugging me telling me not only am I one with them, but they are there to serve me.

Although difficult to express in simple language, I am doing my best to share this tremendous event that I witnessed and experienced. Even today while feeling my physicalness and the light pains that come from it, I still feel that I am part of a sustaining divine Christ-like consciousness that has no beginning nor end. The only beginning that I feel now is nothing more than me becoming aware of whom I am, for I truly am a God in my own right.

I am a component or extension of the Spirit of One, which is why I am part of the alpha and the omega. It is the same with you!

After I had this lifelike experience, I awakened in my bed back on earth. However, I felt my mind, body, consciousness, and soul completely cleansed of any belief of just being human, or that some God outside of me created me, or that being on earth was some kind of destiny. Any guilt, shame, fear was entirely purged from me including the belief that I had somehow sinned against a God above me. It was all released from my consciousness forever.

From this lifelike experience, I became acutely aware of how my mind, thoughts, and beliefs are simply temporary to help me play on this Earth. In the end, it allows me complete understanding about taking full responsibility for my creations. As a God unto myself, I am the God that created me, my experiences, and the God that can give me my salvation.

Reflecting back on it now, when I walked out of the water and back onto the shoreline, I have the wisdom that I was God and Christ-like, the creator of myself and my world, equal to God and not less than, one with “all that is” and I was completely dry.

Afterwards, awakening in my bed, I knew that I had the ability to discern all my experiences, my emotions, my mind, and the environment around me without allowing any judgment or any kind of compromise to enter my consciousness. I also learned that I am responsible for my own choices, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. If I experience a negative reaction, mentally, physically, or spiritually, I have placed it there for the purpose to help me examine my beliefs, my choices, and eventually learn my true identity. Hence, I am responsible for whatever I am experiencing today, good or bad, no matter if it is seen as me doing something right or not.

My dear friends, this lifelike experience conveyed that it is not about some God outside of me testing me or wanting to punish me for my sins. It was and is about “I AM God,” creating what I feel I want to experience. God’s power and absoluteness embraces him being perfect, pure light, supreme, incorruptible (without sin), everlasting, and indisputably the source from which I came into being. Therefore, at my core level, I have the same divine absoluteness and Christ-like essence.

This is the same with every human. It is that we are hypnotized by those that desire to control our thoughts, our beliefs, and our lives. Just know that it is not that God is in the image of man nor is man’s true image that of God. It is that man, all mankind, is God and therefore can take on any image we desire to experience. As it is with us as well, God’s true composition is that of spirit consciousness (water) and Pure Unbiased Omnipresent Divine Mind that is the source of everlasting pure energy that is not positive or negative, male or female, and is Christ-like no matter how it is used.

From this experience, I found that there is no energy in consciousness. There is only the “I AM” consciousness. There is no sin – only choices and experiences in order to learn who we truly are! As the Godhead, we are everything and all things at the same time. Nothing is left out, not even Satan, for all of us together are God, Satan, and the creator in what we see as the physical universe.

It took all souls, working together as “one unit,” to come up with what is known as the physical/mental body so we could experience and learn responsibility for our creations which eventually awakens us to who we truly are. We humans, “good” and “bad,” are divine and in heaven already because our spirit, like the Spirit of One, is pure light, untouchable, everlasting, and incorruptible.

We are the source and authority for what we are experiencing right now. Most refuse to take full responsibility for what we are creating. Instead, many prefer to hand our responsibilities over to an imaginary mental idea of a single, white, male, Hebrew God, a Satan that consists of duality, and a Church that only has one thing in mind: to maintain its power and control over us.