About New Consciousness Center

Are you a seeker of life or someone that just follows along with what you have been taught by the church, your parents, grandparents, and their parents before them? The “NEW CONSCIOUSNESS CENTER” (NCC) is about AWAKENING to what it means to be human here on Earth. NCC is about revealing to you “who you truly are, your purpose in life, reason for life, and what it means when you say the words: “I EXIST,” THEREFORE, “I AM CONSCIOUS AND ALIVE.”” 

What does it mean to exist, be conscious and alive here on Earth? What is overlooked by our educators of God is that the “reason for life here on Earth” is not about conforming to a God we don’t even know. It is about the “DEVELOPMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS” and to become “AWARE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE.” What the Church calls the “Rapture,” in truth, is one becoming aware that their own consciousness is the “source of life and the God one seeks.” Therefore, the Rapture is not about Christians, if they are good, going to heaven. The Rapture is one “ascending” to a consciousness of “knowing” that everything comes from consciousness, including the energy one uses for one’s manifestations. Therefore, the “ascension process,” known as the Rapture, is a very personal one and not confined to a group.

Your “Consciousness” or “being Conscious” is not about your name, race, intelligence and occupation. It is more than that! It is about the “Act of Consciousness,” as you are a multi-dimensional being (a God like being) that works with multi-consciousness expressions (being in many different places and dimensions at the same time) where, if not awakened to, can lead you down a path of suffering. If you understand the “act of consciousness” then you can choose whatever you want to experience in life; such as health, abundance, and joy, or you can choose chaos, death and suffering. When you know you are a multi-consciousness expression at work, then energy responds to how you take action, consciously to your beliefs.

The churches and their leaders do not teach you about being a multi-consciousness expression at work because they fear losing control over how you will “act in consciousness,” and all “acting in consciousness” comes from your belief systems for which the Church understands. Your consciousness is not made of energy; and it has no positive or negative twist to it. However, the energy that comes in to serve your consciousness does have a positive and negative rotation to it once energy passes through the mind. When adding your belief systems to this rotating energy in serving your consciousness, the mind will judge it as either positive or negative, right or wrong, thus you will experience life accordingly.

Your mind is what tells you everything about you, via that your personality, occupation and uniqueness as you know it is what you perceive it to be. What you think you are; your name, education and occupation, it all feels real to you because everything about you has been fixed in consciousness for so long that you have come to believe a false narrative about who you truly are and your environment.

Since you are reading about the New Consciousness Center (NCC); we suspect that you have had many questions that have gone unanswered during the course of your life, especially your suffering. And now, you are curious to know if what is called “NEW CONSCIOUSNESS” fits your personal life.

According to the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus and Adamus Saint Germain, from the other side of the veil, the grandest words you can ever proclaim to yourself is that “I EXIST” so “I AM, the I AM of GOD.” Knowing you are the “I AM Consciousness of GOD” you have the ability to “act in consciousness” that can bring to you a whole new meaning of life where you can experience nothing but joy, abundance and health. Take a deep breath and feel into your “consciousness,” for that is God at work, where every life experience, known as your reality, comes from.

Everything manifested uses “energy” and “energy” is born from “consciousness.” All “energy” used by you responds to how you “act in consciousness” and how you express it with passion and trust. Energy can be literal as well as etheric and it responds to what you put out in consciousness, via your beliefs. When the “act of consciousness” changes, the energy will respond accordingly. If you “act in consciousness” saying that you have nothing because of your education, or who you think you are than, the energy you bring in will respond in kind – you having nothing.

You have forgotten that human life is just an “act of consciousness” and you are unaware of this fundamental platform in the Omniverse, known as “CONSCIOUSNESS.” Consciousness is not just being alive here on Earth but being aware about why you are here on Earth. Your purpose is truly about you being aware and conscious of your consciousness as being the source of life and the creator God that you seek. “I AM, I EXIST” as a God also is the most profound form of consciousness that you can ever awake too in this lifetime.

Society today is hypnotized to having “just enough” in everything they do. Government, Religion, Businesses, the Media and our Politicians, give us just enough to keep us going without us asking to many questions, keeping us a slave to belief systems that fit their agenda. Each and every one of us just with a single breath can tap into an ocean of energy that can change our world and the way we live our lives. However, because of our programmed beliefs, we remain a slave to those that teach us that we are not worthy of having all that we desire at our beacon call.

Through our limited understanding of “consciousness” we bring in just enough energy in fulfilling a life of lack, illnesses and suffering. When we begin to understand “consciousness,” not in church terms or in intellectual terms, but rather as the core essence of “all that we are as a God also,” we will make a huge leap in what is called “ascension” (a form of raising our vibrational frequency signature (DNA)).

If you would like to know more about healing your situations in life, then contact Terry Newbegin at terry@nei.net or Nancy Salminen at toddypond333@gmail.com. If you are looking for a one on one consultation, channeling, or a group session about you and your “consciousness,” and how you can make New Energy work for you.” Then email me (Terry) or Nancy to make an appointment, for we can help you unlock your consciousness, giving you a better and healthier life.