The Fall of The Church

Book Cover: Fall of the Church

The Fall of the Church is an insightful look at the inner workings of the Church as written by a spiritually awakened prophet. Author, Terry L. Newbegin’s book provides a valuable new view on the teachings of churches all across the globe and how they are being manipulated by a dark cynical group – and, by extension, how we are too.

The book focuses on the archetypes found in many religions but most specifically in Christianity. Terry reveals the true meaning and purpose behind these archetypal characters as well as how their words – their messages to humanity – have been corrupted by those in search of glory, control and power.

Dark forces are at work in the church, twisting the scriptures to gain and keep control over the masses. In The Fall of the Church, we learn about the history and widespread influence of these sinister souls and how to stop them from further destroying the sanctity of faith.

This darkness has been over the religious world for ages, and the church, managed from the shadows by the same dark souls who are destroying it, has a vested interest in keeping the secrets that The Fall of the Church brings to light for all to see.

What is known in the Bible as Genesis, the Book of Revelations, and Jesus’ time on Earth, has all been rewritten by these dark cynical beings and the Church many times throughout history. This book will reveal that truth