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What is overlooked by the scholars of the Church is that your DNA, or what I call your energy signature, changes according to where you are in consciousness. Your bloodline is fully woven into your DNA which is why you have the tendency to look, act, and inherit the diseases of your ancestors. However, if you learn to become awaken to New Consciousness, the DNA coding can be washed away. The “old consciousness of duality” keeps you tied to ancestral beliefs, thereby one’s experiences life with control, power and familiarity, keeping one in a state of mental relapse and out of balance all through life. When you fall upon the mind and your familiar belief systems (family history) to control your life, rather than seeing your consciousness as the acting God, your body and your experiences follow the path of unbalanced energy, which is why you suffer. When you learn to awaken to “new consciousness” and how it is the God of miracles; the body, mind, spirit and all past lifetimes meld together as “One Body of Consciousness.” The teachings of NCC on the subject of “new consciousness” is to help you become aware of self as the “One Body of Consciousness” instead of seeing you as having a body, mind, and spirit.

People have asked! “Who is God?” We both have found the best way to answer this question: your consciousness is God and the “I AM” of self. It is all about your desire to understand the God within self, but most of you don’t have any concept about how to do that. What happens! You externalize God through religions, dogma, and the holy books, which is why you have wars over who owns God. Indeed, mankind are puppets of a false God; a God that demands worship. According to the Ascended Masters, one of the biggest misunderstanding of the churches is that they continue to focus on what is good instead of the whole self. By not including the dark side of your soul, the light will automatically attract more dark. This creates more and more imbalance energy where your experiences are like hell over and over. The churches say that God is only light. However, Ascended Master Adamus Saint Germain, from the other side of the veil says, “How could God be only light if darkness exists?”

Old Energy is vibrational. It requires two opposing forces, positive and negative, to bring it to life. Old Energy repeats itself over and over, until an outside force of some kind changes its pattern. This is why we experience things over and over until, out of nowhere, an accident or something occurs to stop the pattern. New Energy does not require opposing forces because it is built upon “completion of the soul,” whereas old energy is the result of wanting and needing. Because of the mind being patterned and grooved into old energy for eons of time we all default to this vibrational energy of opposing forces. New energy does not work well with the mind which is why it comes down to trusting self enough to get out of the mind.

New Energy is real! It’s waiting – for it is not just a concept put out there by the Ascended Masters. When the Ascended Masters talk about the second coming of Christ they are talking about the Crystalline (Christ) Energy working together with Old Energy by neutralizing it where your consciousness shifts to a higher frequency. We call it “ascension!” The Church calls it the “Rapture.” Energy will always respond to consciousness and not the mind. Everything comes from consciousness. Energy was born from consciousness, and therefore responds to the act of consciousness. Consciousness is all about “awareness” and who God is, and to become conscious of the consciousness is the first step into the wisdom of God (you). Consciousness is the “I AM,” where the “I Exist” is real.

Since energy responds to the act of consciousness then align this energy to your consciousness and bring in health, joy, and abundance. Walk and breath like a true Master, and when you do, everything you desire will open up to you, even the healing of the body.

Terry Newbegin

About the Founders of the New Consciousness Center

My name, Terry L Newbegin, and I am author of several books that help those that are ready to raise their consciousness beyond the old dogmatic teachings of the Church and how they relate to death, sin, suffering, and punishment. Because of ignorance, fear and mind control, we all became stuck in a network of copied beliefs a long time ago when it comes to the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and how God wants us to live our lifes. The teachings of these once Holy Books are now what causes us to forget “How Energy Works” with our Consciousness. Coming AWARE about how energy works with Consciousness is the key to our freedom from suffering.

I was born in 1948 in Caribou, Maine, married in 1967, having four children who are now grown and blessing the family with grandchildren. Though I am a successful entrepreneur, my greatest passion is to help awaken those that are ready to hear the real truth about why they suffer, and how they can stop that suffering just be learning who they truly are and how energy works with consciousness. I am an innovate prophet, a pioneer in New Energy Consciousness, and I work with a team of Ascended Masters in serving those that feel trapped in life and do not know what to do next

Nancy Salminen, also born in 1948, is currently living in Surry, Maine and is a channeler in her own right. After retiring from her career field in education, Nancy now desires to help others find their true freedom. Nancy has had many spiritual experiences that have served her well throughout her lifetime while living in many states, countries, and while traveling to unique areas of the world. Nancy has had numerous visitations from the ascended masters and is actively devoted to helping others seek their desire of self discovery with New Consciousness. Nancy works side by side with me (Terry Newbegin) as much as the schedule will allow. Nancy also works one on one with those that desire to learn more about New Consciousness within a personal setting.

Both Nancy and I have great compassion to share our insights with others and from that came the creation of New Consciousness Center (NCC).